Delaware and New Jersey
About Our Training Funds

The Construction Craft Laborers Training and Apprenticeship Fund of New Jersey and Delaware is affiliated with Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and serves more than 10,000 members in Delaware and New Jersey. Construction safety and skills training is offered for all forms of commercial building, heavy, highway, and residential construction. Additionally, the fund offers training for environmental remediation and energy retrofitting/weatherization. Each year, LIUNA members and contractors utilize our training network to update their skills in a variety of fields. In addition to our training centers in Monroe Township, NJ and Newark, DE we also provide on-site toolbox talks for a contractors’ workforce.

The Team

Michael E. Hellstrom (Bio)
Jack Kocsis


Labor Trustees:
Paul Roldan Eng
Carl Styles
James Maravelias
John Mancini
Bryan Halfen

Employer Trustees:
Michael Fitzpatrick
Robert Gariepy
Phil Prisco, Jr.
Jill Schiff
Charles Showell


Training Director:
Donald A. Howard

Assistant Director:
Benito R. Labrador

New Jersey Apprentice Director:
Joe DeMarco, Jr.

Delaware Apprentice Coordinator:
Ian Patton

Training Fund Instructors:
William L. Livingston
Kimberly Schumm
Rafael Miranda
Kevin Moore
David Lane
Khary Higgs
Ivan Carrion